Dyno Cell 511 Installation

Project Summary

The overview is as follows:

  • Increase the test cell area by combining rooms 511, 314 and 316 into a single space. This enlarged room shall be identified as room 511.
  • Rooms 507 and 509 will be renovated as the new control room. The new control room shall be identified as room 316.
  • Construct a single pit to house the two (2) 4wd dynamometers that has a staircase entrance accessible from the new control room.
  • Construct a Mezzanine structure to support dynamometer system components such as drive cabinets, isolation transformers, and Electrical Distribution Panel board.
  • Dynamometer Pit with mounting pads for two 4WD dynamometers
  • Stairway to dynamometer pit and mezzanine levels.
  • New West wall for room 511 with new 9’ x 12’ overhead doors and personnel door.
  • New door to main hallway from control room
  • Replace the existing room 507 & 509 metal panel walls with concrete block and the ceiling with concrete decking suitable for supporting loads such as dyno drive cabinets.
  • Dynamometer pit depth shall be 8’.
  • Relocate the monoxivent displaced by the dyno pit.
  • Dyno pit ventilation system with new AHU and exhaust fan.
  • AHU-21 shall be retained as the test cell ventilation system.
  • Relocate Test Cell AHU supply and return air ducts and vents.
  • Relocate control room supply and return air ducts and vents.
  • Cooling unit for control room.
  • Upgrade existing FM200 Fire suppression system to account for increased volume of room 511 and dyno pit space.
  • New 1600 Amp Panelboard
  • Reinstall 120/208 Panel
  • Reconnect Clean Power Panel to new control room with raceway and outlets
  • Enclosed Williams light fixtures in test cell
  • Lithonia 2RT5 troffer fixtures in control room
  • Rooms 507 and 509 metal panel walls
  • All existing lighting in rooms 511, 314, 316, 507, & 509
  • All existing electrical conduits and wiring in rooms 511, 314, 316, 507, & 509
  • Door to main hallway from room 314
  • Existing Gas Detection Systems shall be removed and the components shall be retained for future installation.